Kobalt Workbench

Kobalt workbench is your partner when working with your DIY tasks at home or professional projects in your workshop. The workbench offered by the brand is loved by many because it is heavy-duty, very durable, efficient, versatile and is packed with extra features for added functionality. The workbenches look good too and are available in different sleek colors.

Workbench basics

A workbench is not actually a bench and instead, it’s a sturdy multi-purpose table where much of the manual work for almost any craft is done. It is similar to a working table but has extra features fit for the needs of the craftsman. Examples of these extra features include clamps, holes, shoulders or extra arms, drawers, lighting panel, etc. The uses of a workbench are also limitless. For example; the functional Lowes Kobalt workbench can be used for woodworking or carpentry, electronics, art and sculpture, general repair, fitting and assembly, for laboratories, metal works, gardening, for jewelers, etc.

Kobalt workbench

The two types of Kobalt workbench available

Currently, there are two general types of workbench offered by the brand.

  • 3-Drawer Wood Work Bench. This is the most popular type of workbench offered by Kobalt. The unit is made out of steel and features 3 drawers, a peg board and an overhead light bar. It is offered in standard 36 inches height and the table length is available in either 45 or 48 inches. This workbench is also available in different colors from black, white, gray, brown and the different shades of blue, yellow and green.

Lowes Kobalt workbench

  • The Basic 72-Inch Wood Work Bench. This Kobalt stainless steel workbench resembles a basic bench or rectangular table. It is sold in 72-inch length and 39-inch height. It is also lighter and simpler making it easier to carry or move compared to the Kobalt 3 drawer workbench. If you want this workbench to have extra drawers or functionality, separate accessories can be bought.

Kobalt 3 drawer workbench

The different features and advantages of the workbench by Kobalt

Here are some of the features and reasons why Kobalt is the number one choice of many skilled workers or craftsmen:

  • Made out of heavy-duty steel. You can be assured that these workbenches can handle the toughest jobs because they are built with heavy-duty steel body or steel frames. This also ensures the sturdiness of the table when you are doing some challenging or heavy tasks.
  • Powder coated paint. The workbench’s color is not applied using brush or by spraying. It was actually painted using heat treated powder coating, the same technique used in painting cars making the color bond with the metal itself. That sleek and neat color will stay throughout the lifetime of the workbench.
  • Drawers with 99-pound capacity. The drawers are also built to be tough. Because you are expected to use specialized and heavy tools, the integrated drawers are designed to carry up to 99 pounds of weight.

Kobalt stainless steel workbench

  • Peg board with storage tray and hooks. The peg board with the added storage tray and hooks makes it easier to keep things organized and handy while working.
  • Overhead light bar. An overhead fluorescent light bar is provided in case you are working indoors or if you need to extend working on your project up to the night. Additional light is also essential for certain jobs like when doing some repairs or when working with electronics.
  • 3 power plugs and 2 USB ports for your electronic tools. Kobalt workbench also features a provision for 3 power outlets which lets you use your electronic tools without the need for an extra extension. For your USB devices, 2 ports are also made available.

For your numerous arts, crafts or industrial tasks, ensure to use the workbench offered by Kobalt to eliminate the hassles in working, get the job done, and produce only the best results.

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